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The companies benefitted from the Young Heroes approach.

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The best support for young talent

At Young Heroes, we want to empower young professionals in the workplace by giving them access to experienced professionals like you. Therefore, we are always looking to grow our coaching network with experienced and enthusiastic career coaches in the marketing, communication, data and sales disciplines. We provide you with a structured coaching program that gives you enough freedom to incorporate your own experience. Are you interested in empowering young professionals?

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How young professionals benefit from coaching

Joyce Van Der Voet

“The Young Heroes program helped me to take a good and objective look at how I am as a person and how I operate in a team. I loved the DISC test and workshop, as it made me understand how I can tackle challenges and excel in expectations at work.”

Benthe Slump

“I was able to meet various young professionals through the Young Heroes program and get inspired by all their stories. It is great to hear how their job at other organizations is different and yet, challenges and issues are similar and can be discussed openly.”

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