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The companies benefitted from the Young Heroes approach.

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The best support for young talent

At Young Heroes, we want to empower young professionals in the workplace by giving them access to experienced professionals like you. Therefore, we are always looking to grow our coaching network with experienced and enthusiastic career coaches in the marketing, communication, data and sales disciplines. We provide you with a structured coaching program that gives you enough freedom to incorporate your own experience. Are you interested in empowering young professionals?

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How young professionals benefit from coaching

Nicole Boelens

“I was very happy to have had a coach by my side. It was nice to be able to discuss questions with her and gain new insights. I was not only working on my personal development but also on my professional skills. With this newly gained knowledge, I feel more confident in my job and am excited about new challenges.”

Lisa Dijkstra

“Working together with Krista is great. I am able to ask a lot of questions and receive guidance when I struggle with specific tasks. I really feel empowered to contribute at work and to take charge of my development and career.”

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