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Ready for take off?

We are on a quest to empower young professionals!

Join our ambitious team and take a seat at the table!

We are on a mission to empower young professionals because we experienced how tricky it can be to land smoothly in the workplace. Especially at the start of your career, it is helpful to have someone cheer you on from the sidelines. That is us. That is Young Heroes.

About Us

We take our values seriously.

For us, values are not just a fancy marketing thing. Our work, decisions and culture are informed by them.


We are transparent. We are vulnerable. We do not judge.


We learn from each other. We embrace mistakes. We listen and grow.


We love what we do. And we love having fun doing it.


We want to make a difference. We want to embark on adventures.


We seek diverse opinions & listen. We work with people that make us better.

This is what you can expect when you join our team.

Equipment & Allowances

We make sure that you are up and running with all technical equipment from Day 1! And we pay a €50 allowance towards your phone bill. So you can call the people you love and customers once in a while and tell them about your eventful work week.

Work in Leeuwarden & Groningen

Our modern offices in Leeuwarden and Groningen are comfortable, and light and there is always someone fun to grab a coffee with. Both offices are located in the city centres and offer tons of lunch and Borrel opportunities.

Event & Startup Ecosystems

Ever heard about Slush Helsinki, MXT Groningen or Fuckup Nights? We sure did and we visited all of them. We actively encourage you to take part in the startup ecosystems in Europa and love to see you mingle.

Training & Development

Training and development are at the core of our Young Heroes journey for young talent and also for our team. Join several interesting workshops and master classes per year and learn more about your communication style and strengths.

Competitive Salary

We pay a competitive salary according to market standards and believe in transparency and rightful compensation. Will it come in an envelope? No!

Freedom to create

When you join us you are taking a seat at the Young Heroes table. We offer you the opportunity to take charge, to create, to think big and to drive our mission forward. We invite you to take ownership and got your back doing it!

But tell me about the process... How can I join the movement?

The process usually starts with a call from our hiring manager to understand your ambitions and relevant experience that would make you a great fit for our team.

If we have a good feeling about each other, we invite you to prepare a skill assessment for us. The assessment depends on the position and you are invited to join the hiring manager and leadership for a discussion of the case and another chat, where we dig deeper with evidence-based questions. Here, it is your time to shine.

If it is a mutual match after that, we will provide you with an offer.

Open positions

Most importantly...

We want to get to know you. During the hiring process, we are keen to hear about your ability to:

Collaborate in a team environment
Dream big and prioritise
Learn and drive change
Practice empathy to gain insight

Open positions

We do not have any open positions at the moment. Follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram to get regular updates.

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