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About us

Empowering young professionals

“At the beginning of my career, I noticed a lot of young professionals around me were unhappy at work - including me. And I decided to change that.”

When you ask Eva, Founder and CEO of Young Heroes, about her career start, she has a lot of stories to share. Some hilarious, some inspirational and some – unfortunately – very bitter.

Already in her first job, she noticed the tremendous difference between what companies offered young professionals for guidance, growth and development and what they actually needed, fueling frustrations on all sides. So she took matters into her own hands and started building companies that are different.

Meet the team

We empower young professionals to confidently shape their future by building self-confidence through knowledge and community.

At Young Heroes, we believe in sharing: sharing stories, sharing experience, sharing advice. Together with our coaches, we want to give young professionals the support and sparring partner they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Because sometimes, you simply need someone coaching and cheering you on from the sidelines.

Made with 💙 in the North.

We are a small, international team of people in Leeuwarden, Friesland who want to see young professionals succeed in the workplace. We are branching from the established and award-winning research and marketing agency YFK which has a strong culture of development and learning and is already working with the “Young Hero” approach of matching experienced experts with young professionals, embracing what both individuals have to bring to the table for each project. Also, we like to have fun at work. And coffee.

Meet the team

At your service!

Sarah Höckner

Product Hero

“I remember my first years as a young professional and I would have clearly benefitted from the guidance of a coach. I am so happy to offer this opportunity now with Young Heroes.”

Eva van Leeuwen

Founder & CEO Hero

“I knew very early on in my career that I wanted to help young professionals – and companies respectively. Only empowered employees will be engaged and drive their projects forward!”

Meet the coaches

The people making a difference!

Gerda Boonstra

Marketing & Communication

”My motivation is to help young professionals to develop themselves and be successful – both, on a personal level as well as on a skill level. It is so good to see them grow and learn more about themselves and to help them with practical issues.”

René Bakker

Marketing, Change Management & Digital Transformation

”I love to see young professionals grow. That’s my motivation. I can support them by sharing my experience and discussing their perspectives on their way of working, communication and behavioral style, personal leadership, and personal positioning. Working as a coach is very rewarding.”

Carine Poen

Brand & Content

”I greatly enjoy exchanging ideas and perspectives with young professionals during my coaching sessions. With the right impulses and support, it is incredible to see them take charge and tackle work challenges.”

Wiebe De Roos

Change Management

”During my time as a coach, I have seen young professionals grow significantly and gain ease and confidence in their professional environment. When they embrace the challenge of growth, they really can be unstoppable.”

Miranda Fokkema

Business Development, Export & Marketing

”Being able to give young professionals a flying start of their professional lives is what I aspire to. Certain career steps can be made faster or hurdles can be taken easier with the support of an experienced professional on their side. As a coach, I can empower them (with the right tools) to be in charge of their professional and personal development.”

Krista Moeijes-Bosgra

Marketing & Sustainability

”With a coach, young professionals may develop themselves faster, ease the struggles of launching their career, improve their joy in work and learn that being open and learning on the job is something normal and an attitude for the rest of their lives.”

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We offer awesome career opportunities in the Netherlands.

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